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Can’t We All Get Along - Romans 14:1-12

June 12, 2022

Since God welcomes us, we should welcome one another.


The Problem


The Prescription


To the strong: Welcome your weaker brother (v. 1). Do not despise him (vv. 3a, 10b).


To the weak: Stop passing judgment (vv. 3b, 4a, 10a)


Should a man not lay his hand upon his mouth before he criticizes his brethren? When we pass swift, uninformed, unloving and ungenerous judgments, surely we have forgotten that if we speak evil of them, at the same time we speak evil of the Lord whose name they bear.


The Principles


1. God welcomes all believers.
Romans 14:3


2. The Lord upholds every believer.
Romans 14:4


3. The Lord is sovereign over every believer.
Romans 14:5-9


"To deny the lordship of Jesus Christ in the life of any believer is to subvert the full work, power, and purpose of His crucifixion and resurrection."


4. The Lord alone will judge each believer.
Romans 14:10-12


Since God welcomes us, we should welcome one another.

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